Top Reasons to Switch to Underground Utility Lines

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Whether you are developing or rebuilding, it is a good opportunity to consider the benefits of underground utilities in Roseville, CA. All you have to do is ask your utility contractor—underground lines are becoming more common as fiber optics and other development demand more from utility lines. They have distinct advantages over traditional overhead lines. Here are five reasons why you should switch to underground lines when given the opportunity:

  • Storms: Overhead lines are constantly vulnerable to weather-related power outages. Falling tree branches and high winds often leave people without power or internet access for days or even weeks. Even one bad ice storm can break lines and knock out power, which leads to cold-related issues like burst pipes and mold growth. By installing your utility lines underground, you leave them less exposed and reduce the chances of outages for the simple reason that they are kept safe from the effects of the weather.
  • Fire: It is an unfortunate reality in California that fires occur every year. They are another cause of outages, and contact with power lines from fire often makes the burn much worse. Underground lines are usually safe from fire, which means you can keep your power on and also prevent fires from getting worse due to utility exposure. This reduces damage to the infrastructure and makes recovery much easier to complete when these disasters occur.
  • Less damage: Infrastructure costs are high, and when utility lines sustain damage or wear down quickly due to exposure, that only increases those expenses. When you install utility lines under dirt or cement, they will likely last longer, too. The only time they require replacement is when technology leads to an upgrade. That is a much better investment than spending money on infrastructure repairs. Underground power lines are often more expensive to install, but you avoid paying extra money towards repair or replacement.
  • Safety: Overhead lines risk contact with tall trucks, cranes, augers and other tall vehicles and equipment. This risks a shocking experience for occupants of these vehicles. Underground lines also pose hazards. Digging can become dangerous if a shovel hits a line. But that hazard is easily solved by making a “Call Before You Dig” call and marking the lines first. This is often an easier solution than estimating whether equipment will fit underneath overhead power lines.
  • Long-term results: Volatile climates, denser populations and adverse conditions threaten infrastructure every day. It is easy to assume that the least expensive solution is the best one and avoid making the investment in underground utilities. However, with new pressures in both urban and rural areas, underground lines will likely last longer and be less likely to succumb to the threats around them. You will enjoy more consistent power supply and sustain less equipment damage.

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. is a utility contractor in Roseville, CA. If you are looking to convert to underground utility lines, we offer directional drilling services to make that happen and save you money and hassle over the long term. Call us today to secure your free quote.

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