Pothole Repair in Roseville, CA

pothole drilling

When utilities buried in the ground require repair, removal or modification, locating them needs to be a matter of precision. Es7 Comm-2U, Inc. is pleased to provide utility detection and pothole services to our customers, making this process simple, swift and effective. As utility contractors in Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Placer County, and North Highlands, CA, we know how they’re laid, giving us expert insight into how to locate and access them once again.

Pothole services enable us to find utilities in the ground without the invasive process of digging—which could also disrupt utilities that were previously laid. Instead, we bore small holes into the earth at key points to tunnel down to where utilities are buried. No matter the utility, no matter the depth, we’ll locate buried lines quickly and efficiently.

Potholing to different depths also allows us to help you ensure that your utilities are all where they should be and in the condition they should be in. If, for example, your previous utilities were not laid to the proper depths, we can help determine this so the situation can be righted or future problems can be ignored.

In working with a utility contractor in Roseville, CA for potholing, you’re making the choice for excellence. We’re adept at quickly uncovering utility lines and can immediately pinpoint the condition of laid lines to provide you with a smart assessment of the situation at hand.

For more information about potholing services or to get in touch with our directional drilling, trenching, and utility contractors today about our capabilities in regards to your unique project, please contact us by calling 916-825-2391. We’re pleased to provide you with a free estimate on services and can work with you regarding the scope of services you might otherwise need.