Directional Drilling Services in Roseville, CA

Directional Drilling Contractors

Directional drilling is a hugely beneficial way to guarantee the smooth, seamless installation of utilities under the earth. It’s a far less invasive alternative to traditional trenching, and can be performed quickly and with great precision. At Es7 Comm-2U, Inc., we’ve built our business on directional drilling services in Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Placer County, and North Highlands, CA and are your leading experts on the matter.

Our directional drilling contractors work by guiding a pilot drill from an ingress (start) point to an egress (exit) point, along a predetermined underground track. The pilot drill bores a small hole that serves as a path for utility installation. At the egress point, utilities are affixed to the pilot and pulled back through the borehole until they reach the start. This allows extended lengths of utility to be laid without having to disturb the surface earth!

Why directional drilling contractors?

Directional drilling services in Roseville, CA are best utilized on areas of developed land where trenching is either impossible or too invasive. It’s also an extremely cost-effective solution for extended utility installation, where subsequent trenching would require costly remediation. Finally, because it’s non-invasive to the surface area, directional drilling is a smart option for remote areas or those containing wildlife and foliage.

Utilities that can be installed via directional drilling services

Directional drilling is applicable across the entire gamut of utilities and is often a premier method for laying down electrical, gas and some water lines. Technological utilities including phone lines, internet cabling and fiber optics also benefit from directional drilling installations.

Get directional drilling services today

For more information about directional drilling services as a non-invasive utility installation option, please contact Es7 Comm-2U, Inc. today. We’re also pleased to provide you with a quote on installation based on the size and scope of your project. Our directional drilling contractors can be reached at 916-825-2391 and are ready to work with you!