How Deep Should Your Utility Lines Be Buried?

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Whether you’re building a new custom home or setting up a commercial property, one of the first things you’ll need to do is make a plan for utility infrastructure. If they aren’t already in place, utility contractors in Roseville, CA will need to install lines on your property, generally underground.

This plan is also important when it comes to making modifications on your property, including planting or removing trees, installing pools and other major construction efforts that require digging. You’ll need to know where your utility lines are located and how deep they are underground.

Properly burying your utility lines is essential for a number of reasons, including protecting them from the elements and erosion, as well as mitigating the possibility of accidentally hitting them when doing minor digging work on the property.

It is your responsibility as the property owner to know how deep your utility lines are located or how deep they must be installed. Knowing and using this information properly keeps workers, inhabitants and the environment safe.

What’s the proper burial depth?

In general, utility lines are likely much closer to the surface than you might originally assume. Main lines usually need to be buried at least two feet below the surface, while service lines can be buried closer, at around 18 inches.

Because these lines tend to be quite close to the surface, you must be extremely careful about doing digging work on your property before identifying where these lines run. If you plan to do a project requiring digging, you should call a contractor that provides utility locating services in Roseville, CA. They can help you map out where existing utility lines are located so you avoid them or take precautions while working.

Most states actually require you to call 811, a line that connects you with a utility identification service, any time you plan to dig more than a few inches below ground.

Additionally, the process of potholing in Roseville, CA can help identify lines that were not buried at the proper depths so you can make a plan to fix them. Most cities have requirements for proper burial depths to keep everyone safe.

Whether you are installing new utility lines or identifying and fixing those that have not been properly buried before, it’s important to work with utility contractors in Roseville, CA who are familiar with the laws and regulations regarding utility line installation. Proper installation from the start ensures safety and mitigates risks or headaches down the road.

Rely on us for utility identification and installation

At Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc., we understand how important proper utility installation is. This is why we’ve worked for nearly two decades to provide top-quality directional drilling and trenching services to residential and commercial customers.

We can work with you and your utility companies to get electric, water, gas and other utility lines buried as efficiently as possible. We are also able to provide utility locating services and potholing in Roseville, CA to identify existing utility lines and remediate any burial problems. Call us today to learn more!

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