What Is Utility Potholing?

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When you are installing new utility lines, it is necessary to know where current underground utilities in Roseville, CA are located. Unless you take this essential step, you risk creating a repair issue as well as managing new utility lines. However, you need to find the lines without risking damage to them. That is where utility potholing in Roseville, CA becomes essential in construction and upgrade projects. Here is an explanation of utility potholing and how it can help you assure accuracy with your utility installation.

How It Works

Utility potholing works by digging holes about eight to 12 inches deep to locate utility lines. Rather than using a blade or shovel, which can damage existing lines, it uses a vacuum excavator. That removes earth without compromising the lines.

The vacuum excavator uses air or water to remove soil through a suction process. Once excavated, it stores the earth in a holding tank, so it can be replaced later. The tank can hold up to 1,200 gallons, so if you need to dig many holes to find utility lines, that can be accommodated.

How quickly this works often depends on good land plotting and a little guesswork. We may need to dig up to a dozen holes, but generally it takes fewer of them to determine the existing lines. Do not be concerned if it starts to look like an archeological dig—as mentioned above, we can replace the soil once we ascertain the location of the existing utility lines.

When to Use It

Utility potholing is appropriate whenever you need to locate utility lines. It is most useful when current schematics have not been updated or you simply have no idea where the lines are located. There is no risk of breakage as with shovels or blades, so even if there is a good schematic, many customers prefer utility potholing to more traditional methods of finding lines.

Another reason this method is preferred is landscaping. Since your utility contractor in Roseville, CA can dig the hole and then replace the soil, this can be performed often with minimal interference with current vegetation. Many customers prefer this clean, yet accurate method of finding utility lines over any traditional methods—even if they know where the lines are located.

Also, many customers may know the location of the lines but do not necessarily know how deep they are embedded in the ground. This can risk dangerous situations, such as with gas lines or even water mains. One breach can cause a disaster, or at least a short-term interruption. With utility potholing, we can determine the depth with accuracy and less disruption.

Before you work, find your lines and know everything about them—location, depth and type of utility. You can accomplish this safely and easily with utility potholing.

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. is available for utility trenching and potholing in Roseville, CA. We offer the latest equipment to find utility lines and create new ones for when it is time to upgrade. Call us today to schedule a consultation and start site preparation for your project.

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