How Utility Contractors Create Accurate Underground Utility Trenching

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Underground utility trenching requires skills and knowledge that only the best utility contractors in Roseville, CA can manage. Whether you are installing new services or upgrading to the latest cable, accuracy is key if you want this project to finish smoothly. Otherwise, you will find it fraught with peril. Here are five ways to assure accuracy and efficiency:

  • Knowing the area: Smaller areas do not need full geographical plotting, but they still need to be studied before we start digging. The locations of other utilities and underground obstacles must be assessed first, or we risk an ordeal. Plotting and mapping on even smaller areas helps us trench carefully and stay within your plans. Even aboveground obstacles like fences and telephone poles can prove disruptive, so they are considered as well before we plan layout.
  • Good blades: Trenching is performed with specialized equipment that must be in top shape. The plow blades are among the most important items here. We choose one that is as wide as the line with the knowledge that the larger it is, the harder it will pull. That makes overkill impractical in those cases. Knowing the ground conditions is also essential. Hard or soft ground determines the type of blade, and we never choose dull blades. That just makes work more unpleasant, not to mention less accurate.
  • Skilled workers: The best equipment in the world will fail to help unless we have good people operating it. That is true with utility trenching, too. Most of our equipment consists of hydraulic controls, and they take practice to operate accurately. Also, if workers plow deeper than needed, that wastes time and effort. We work hard to stay within job specifications, as that makes things easier. As said above, overkill is impractical. Trenches that are too big or small do not help with the installation of your underground utilities in Roseville, CA.
  • Maintenance: All equipment is meticulously maintained. We inspect it before we arrive at a job and keep an eye on it as we work. Technicians check for oil leaks, cracked hoses, damaged blades and any other issues that must be addressed immediately. If there is doubt, we do not take that machine to the field. Once it is confirmed the equipment is in working order, we check all attachments for range of motion and grease them if needed. That way the machine is ready to work, and we do not have to worry about it locking up as we prepare your property for utility installation.
  • Maintaining backups: Redundancy is the key to success in this industry. Even with all the precautions in the world, there is always a chance of equipment failure at the worst times. We maintain more than one type of machine in case one fails inspection or breaks down while in the field. That way, work proceeds uninterrupted and you can rest assured your trenches will be finished for your new utilities.

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. and our team of utility contractors in Roseville, CA are available for your trenching work. Contact us today to get started!

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