What Does D.I.R.T. Mean to You? Get the Scoop from Your Utility Contractors in Roseville, CA

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It’s the stuff utility contractors in Roseville, CA dig in. It’s what conceals lines and makes projects tricky. Dirt is a basic component of nearly every outdoor project.

But that’s not the dirt we’re referring to here. D.I.R.T. stands for Damage Information Reporting Tool. Here’s the scoop.

What is D.I.R.T.?

D.I.R.T. was developed by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) to make underground excavation safer. The goal is to use D.I.R.T. to prevent damages to underground utilities. By allowing contractors and utility workers to report occurrences of utility damages, the CGA hopes to gather meaningful data to help prevent such occurrences in the future. The data will help make excavations safer and less costly.

How is D.I.R.T. used?

By collecting data through D.I.R.T., the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee (DR&EC) can analyze this data to discover the reasons behind utility hits. Are contractors failing to call? Are lines improperly recorded and marked? Are records lost over time? The information gathered through D.I.R.T. helps explain how actions by utility companies, excavators and locators can prevent damage and ensure worker safety. The data can help identify root causes of utility hits and educate everyone involved on effective prevention procedures.

Can D.I.R.T. cause repercussions?

D.I.R.T. reports are filed anonymously. Employees do not have to be concerned with any report being used against themselves or their company.

How do I file a D.I.R.T. report?

Anyone experiencing a utility hit or a near miss should file a D.I.R.T. report at the CGA website: www.cga-dirt.com. The site offers an annual report, user’s guide and a Damage Report Form. Employees can also download a customizable form to tailor to their own organization’s needs.

The form takes just a few minutes to complete and can be filled out in the office or in the field. The filer simply answers a few basic questions by checking boxes. They can also add comments if desired. The form can be filled out online or printed for supervisors to review, sign and submit. Each incident can be filed separately, or multiple incidents can be reported at once.

How can I avoid damage?

Filing a D.I.R.T. report any time you experience a utility hit or a near miss will help everyone avoid damages in the future. Additionally, to prepare for each project, always call 811 before you dig. Allow plenty of time for your project. Include lead time to wait for appropriate marking of all utility lines. Follow all recommended procedures for excavation projects. Work carefully and safely to protect utility infrastructure and employees.

More Info

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