A Utility Contractor in Roseville, CA Explains Driveway Potholes

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Most drivers are familiar with the sudden shock of hitting a pothole out on the road. Potholes can catch you off guard while you’re driving, and they may even cause damage to your vehicle’s tires and suspension. However, potholes don’t just develop on busy highways and roads—they can occur right in your own driveway. Driveway potholes can be especially frustrating since it’s difficult to avoid these obstacles when you are pulling your vehicle in and out of your driveway daily. The more potholes you have in your driveway, the more difficult they are to avoid and the more likely you are to experience problems with your vehicle.

So, where to these potholes come from? Understanding the causes of driveway potholes can help you determine what you can do about them and how you can prevent them from developing in the future.

The causes of potholes

When asphalt is first put into place, it forms a strong and durable surface that can withstand tons of weight from vehicles driving at high speeds. Over time, the durability of pavement begins to decline. This can be attributed to many factors, including exposure to extreme weather conditions as well as general wear from heavy use. As asphalt weakens, it becomes more likely to sustain cracks and damage from the pressure of vehicles driving on its surface. These cracks are exacerbated by stormy weather and, over time, potholes will develop. These potholes can be relatively minor in some cases and monstrous in others. Regardless of their size, though, they can cause you headaches.

Repairing potholes

Because of how much damage driving over potholes can do to your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have them filled as soon as possible. If you begin to see potholes developing in your driveway, you should call a professional who can provide you with pothole repair. In most cases, asphalt repair contractors will fill the hole with a mixture containing asphalt to create a patch. This patch is set and smoothed to ensure that the road’s surface is as consistent as possible.

Even though potholes are unavoidable in some cases, there are certain things that you can do to improve the condition of your pavement overall and delay the emergence of potholes. Resealing your asphalt, for example, can make a big difference in its overall resistance to oxidation and weather damage. You should also make sure to avoid parking heavy equipment on your asphalt for prolonged periods of time, if possible.

Contact a utility contractor in Roseville, CA

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