Locate Utility Lines Before You Dig! Safety Tips from an Underground Utility Contractor in Roseville, CA

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You’ve likely heard the phrase “call before you dig” as part a public service announcement on the TV. But if you are not familiar with it, and are a homeowner ready to dig in your yard, it means you need to call 811 (a nationwide number) to have your underground utilities located at no cost.

Not everybody remembers to check where their underground utility lines are located before they dig. For some people, skipping this step can prove disastrous, not only for their property, but oftentimes for the neighborhood as well. Prevent running into problems when you dig with the following information and safety tips from an underground utility contractor in Roseville, CA.

Know the dangers

Digging anywhere in your yard may not seem like a dangerous act—especially if you are only planning to dig a couple feet down to put in small trees or shrubs. However, the safest thing to do is to have your buried utility lines located beforehand. Pinpointing your underground lines means you’ll avoid hitting a gas or electric line with a shovel or excavation equipment, which can cause injury or lead to costly repairs.

The fact is that most homeowners do not know the exact location of the electrical or gas lines on their property. While they may have been present when the lines were buried, over time the weather and erosion can cause lines to shift a little. This is why it’s important to call 811 for an exact location.

Here are some other key safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Call 811 first: Did you know that it’s the law to call 811 to locate utility lines anytime you plan to dig in your yard? 811 in your state will come out and locate lines for free, but you should call a few days before you want to dig to avoid having to reschedule your project.
  • Don’t assume lines are deep: The depth at which your utility lines are buried can be deceptive, because it will change over time. This is due to conditions like heavy rains, floods, soil erosion and changes to landscape. Keep in mind that depth changes can range from slight to considerable.
  • Know the sign you’ve hit a gas line: If you dig into a gas line, it will smell like rotten eggs. Move yourself and others away from the area and call 911 to report the gas leak and the busted gas line, followed by calling your utility location and repair company.
  • Assume power lines are active: You must always assume that buried and overhead power lines are energized when you’re digging nearby. And here’s a reminder that power lines can still be active even if they are not sparking or making sounds.

You must locate underground utility lines before digging for any reason—including planting trees, updating landscaping, installing a mailbox post, installing an in-ground swimming pool and more. Whether you need digging or utility location services, you can count on the professional team at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. Call us to work with an experienced underground utility contractor in Roseville, CA today!

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