Talk to an Underground Utility Contractor in Roseville, CA About Moving Overhead Power Lines Underground

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Electricity is important in today’s society. Without electricity running through power lines and into our homes and businesses, we would not be able to use electronic devices like our refrigerators, computers and various office equipment. So, just how safe and necessary are aboveground lines? If you want to benefit from moving overhead power lines underground, then talk to an underground utility contractor in Roseville, CA about how to get the process started. Here are a few benefits of doing so.

Better aesthetics

Underground power lines are beneficial for homes in residential neighborhoods and commercial business areas alike, with aesthetics being the top reason to convert. Without question, your home will look nicer and less chaotic when there are no wires hanging nearby on power poles. Keep in mind that power terminals need to be above the ground for easy maintenance and electrical repairs. Other than the terminals, cables are underground and completely out of sight.

More practical in some areas

Some areas do just fine with overhead power lines, while others do not. Areas that may not fare as well are business buildings that are close together, downtown areas (both residential and commercial) and anyplace where space is shared with tall trees. You can rally your community or business district to convert overhead power lines to underground by way of directional drilling, so as not to disrupt soil, established trees or landscaping.

They’re safer with fewer power outages

Hands down, people and animals are safer when power lines and electrical wires are installed underground. For example, a downed live line is dangerous in that it can electrocute any living thing that comes into contact with it, whereas you don’t have this type of threat from an underground line. And the power poles themselves can cause problems, too, including vehicles crashing into poles near roadways and poles coming down during a natural disaster.

As for power outages, most are weather-related—like ice on the lines and strong winds whipping lines around or causing tree branches to fall onto cables—but incidents can be minimized with underground power line installations.

Less vulnerable to dangers

Underground power cables are protected from aboveground elements like wind and ice. Power lines are also safe from catching debris kicked up by the wind. If underground, debris cannot get tangled in the lines. Furthermore, underground lines are safe from swinging or encroaching tree limbs and fallen branches, as well as other vegetation. These dangers can cause power outages and repair needs to overhead power lines, but when you convert to underground cables, they won’t be exposed to such dangers.

Unfortunately, that’s not to say that invasive tree root systems, undesirable soil conditions or tunneling animals are not a threat. Knowing that all these possible threats exist is why an underground utility contractor in Roseville, CA will assess an area thoroughly before an underground power line conversion can begin.

To speak with a knowledgeable underground utility contractor in Roseville, CA about moving overhead power lines underground, give the experienced team at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. a call today!

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