How To Identify If Your Utilities Are Underground

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Many types of utility and service providers enjoy the benefits of underground utilities. So, what does underground utilities mean? By definition, any type of buried public service infrastructure, including data, telecommunications, and electric cables, along with pipelines for services like gas, sewage, and water.

The only true drawback to underground utilities is the lack of visible detection when excavating or trenching. That is also the beginning of understanding the importance of knowing underground utility locations and types. 

The Importance of Knowing Underground Utilities Information

Underground utilities offer a vast source of space for networking, cabling, pipelines, and other public utility services. That is also the beginning of the benefits and advantages afforded by underground utilities. 

Fortunately, that lack of visible utility recognition is no problem at all, thanks to the 811 national call-before-you-dig phone number. This information line is the resource for all underground utilities.

In addition to this being a mandated law, the "call before you dig" line also offers many benefits. By avoiding digging into underground utility lines, we eliminate the risk of cutting off services for people and neighborhoods, or, worse yet, causing harm to ourselves or others.

Excavating and Trenching Projects

While some excavating and trenching jobs can be done with a simple shovel and hard work, anything more involved should probably be done by a professional excavating service. From the expense of equipment, the benefits of saved time and effort, and the added safety aspect, there are many reasons to consider working with a professional excavation company.

Regardless of which direction you go, either the DIY route or contracted help, remember you can’t see what is beneath you. So make sure before you plan, and definitely before you dig, and understand the importance of knowing about underground utilities in your area and yard. 

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