Underground Utilities and You

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When it comes to underground utilities, there is more to consider than you might think. Underground utilities are an essential part of many homes, and ensuring that you know what utilities may be buried near your home is a must.

What Sort of Underground Utilities are There?

The most common underground utilities are gas, some telephone lines, and some forms of internet. These are the most common utilities that are buried underground and that are taken directly from the hookup point into the home. Underground utilities are not standard in all homes. More often, they are common in homes that are in cities, in homes where there are a great number of other structures around, or where it would be difficult to have above-ground utilities.

Some companies prefer underground utilities as they are easier to keep in good working order. They are less likely to be affected by weather, and they are also less likely to be affected by people who might hit them or damage the lines carelessly.

What To Keep In Mind With Underground Utilities

There are a few things to remember when it comes to underground utilities. The first is that if you are digging, you do need to contact the local utility company or a company like 411 to find out what utilities might be buried near you. This is going to protect you and protect the utility company as well.

By calling 411, you can find out what utilities are near your home or near where you want to dig to prevent damage to underground lines. The main issue with damage to underground lines is that if you do damage them and you have not contacted 411 or another company, you will be liable for the replacement or repair of those lines.

So what happens if you are still unsure what lines may be buried? Some companies can come and dig what is called a pothole. Potholes for utility identification are test holes that are dug to see what utilities might be buried there.

This method is very effective but should be carried out by a professional, not you. With underground utilities, you can accidentally strike an internet line, hit a phone line, or hit a gas line that can then cause a dangerous gas leak. It is always best to be prepared and find out what utilities might be buried there instead of digging blindly and hoping for the best.

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