The Benefits of Directional Drilling

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Directional drilling (also known as directional boring) has replaced open cut excavation for utility line installation in many areas. It has a number of advantages over traditional trenching methods that make it a better option for both customers and drilling contractors.

Keep reading to learn what directional drilling is used for.

What is directional drilling used for?

Directional drilling can be used for installing any utility line you can think of. Everything from electric cables to gas and water lines can be installed with directional drilling. Plus, we can install these utilities much faster with directional drilling than we could if we had to cut into the ground to lay these lines.

What is the benefit of directional drilling?

The benefits of directional drilling are almost limitless. Here are a few of the top reasons a contractor should consider directional drilling over open cut excavation:

  • Limited traffic disruptions: If you’ve ever been caught in traffic or had to take a detour to reach your destination due to ongoing excavation work, you know it’s a pain in the neck. Open cut excavation can block roadways and sidewalks for hours or even days while crews dig into the ground, install the utility lines and then cover the ground back up. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with directional drilling.
  • Safer operation: Even if trained professionals are working on the project, accidents still occur with open cut excavation. After all, these crews are digging a massive hole in the ground to lay utility lines. Someone falling into the trench or equipment toppling over can happen at any moment. Since there’s no open pit or retaining walls holding the ground up with directional drilling, it’s a much safer process.
  • Quicker installation: As we just touched on, open cut trenching is a time-consuming process. Not only do the crews have to dig into the ground before laying the lines, but they also have to take time to fill that hole back in. Directional drilling uses an automated rig that cuts underneath the soil, drastically reducing the project’s timeline.
  • Lower costs: Since we’re able to cut out a large portion of the project with directional drilling, it’s a much cheaper project. Directional drilling saves our customers a ton of money, and we’re able to move from one project to the next much faster.
  • More durable installation: Directional drilling is more accurate than open cut excavation, and it also reduces the chances of damaging the utility lines going into the ground. Together, these two factors lead to more durable installations. In fact, directional drilling can extend utility line lifespan by up to 50 percent.

Hire our team for your directional drilling needs

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