Why Potholing for Utilities Is Ideal

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Getting ready to break ground on a new construction project? No matter the scope of construction, potholing should be done before moving forward with excavation. Essentially, potholing is a modern technique that pinpoints the location, length and depth of underground utilities so you can avoid them while digging. While potholing has been a common construction practice for years, not every construction team uses the process before digging. Here are four reasons to pothole for utilities during your next construction project.

Potholing provides valuable information

One of the key benefits of utility potholing is the valuable insight it gives construction teams before they start to dig. While a team may have resources like charts and utility maps at their disposal, they could be incorrect or out of date. Dig in the wrong place and you run the risk of hitting critical underground infrastructure. Potholing provides construction workers with key insight into the type, location, position and depth of underground utilities and their condition. By getting a complete picture of what’s going on below ground, you reduce the risk of injury, property damage and utility service interruptions.

Potholing promotes safety for construction workers

Construction work can be a dangerous job, especially for excavation teams. One of the main reasons to pothole for utilities is that it keeps excavation operators safe. They face serious danger if they’re unaware of the location of underground utility lines, especially natural gas lines. When potholing is used during vacuum excavation, your construction team can devise a plan to completely avoid hazards during sitework.

Potholing can save you money

There are many problems that can occur if you don’t pothole for utilities, and all of them involve significant expense for property owners. If your sitework team inadvertently hits a utility line, it wreaks havoc on the entire construction timeline. Unforeseen extensions don’t just cost you time, they also increase your budget significantly. You also could be on the hook for the expense to repair any affected utility lines. Keep your project on time and on budget and reduce surprise expenses by investing in potholing before digging.

Potholing is important for legal compliance

The construction industry continuously pushes for safer working conditions, especially when it comes to the excavation portion of construction. Over time, state and local regulations have evolved to provide more protection for construction workers. For example, many state laws prohibit digging within 18 to 36 inches of an underground utility. All construction projects need to be fully compliant with this and other government mandates relating to construction and utilities. By investing in potholing through the use of vacuum excavation, you significantly reduce legal liabilities and ensure your project fully complies with all applicable regulations.

There are many benefits of utility potholing, both for construction workers and for you. When you choose a company to perform sitework at your building site, always work with a reputable excavation company that offers potholing services. Contact Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. to learn more about the benefits of potholing for your construction project.

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