How to Dig a Trench in the Mud

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Ideally, any yard work would be performed on bright and sunny days when the ground is dry—but that’s not always a possibility. Sometimes, you need to tackle outdoor projects when the ground is sloppy. When that’s the case, you may need to go about your yard work differently. This is especially true for dirty jobs like trenching.

The good news is that we’re here to help all of the DIY-ers out there who need to dig a new trench. This post will cover all of the steps you need to take for trenching in the mud in Roseville, CA:

  • Measure: Your first step for trenching is always to measure the width of the new trench. But instead of using spray paint as a marker—which will wash off the grass—we recommend laying a garden hose down to mark the trench’s width.
  • Cut: Next, use your digging spade to cut into the ground at your desired depth. As you cut into the ground, pull the spade’s handle to loosen the soil within the trench.
  • Scoop: Your next step for digging a trench in mud in Roseville, CA is to scoop out all of that loose soil with a shovel and place it in a wheelbarrow. If you’re reusing the soil, make sure it’s dry before you spread it back on the ground.
  • Shape and grade: A shaped and graded trench is better for drainage. The bottom of your trench should either be rounded or in a V shape. Grade your trench at 1 inch of soil for every 1 foot of trench length.
  • Line: Your final step for trenching in the mud in Roseville, CA is lining the bottom and sides with permeable landscaping fabric. The fabric will prevent the sides of the trench from caving in.

Reasons to hire a pro instead of digging yourself

Instead of worrying about these steps, it makes more sense to hire a professional to dig your trench for you. Here are a few reasons to bring in a pro:

  • Poor results: Trenching isn’t the hardest job out there. That said, it’s easy to mess up, especially in the mud. A poorly made trench won’t function as it should, and it may permanently damage your lawn. Instead, hire a pro with years of experience to tackle the job.
  • Waste of time: When done in dry conditions, trenching might not take that long. Trenching in the mud, however, can be a very time-consuming chore. Don’t waste your time and energy on it—call a professional and relax while they do the hard work.
  • Injury risk: You wouldn’t think that digging a small trench could lead to an injury, but all bets are off when the ground is muddy. Slipping on the slick mud could lead to a twisted ankle, broken bone or worse! Experienced pros are much less likely to hurt themselves than an average homeowner.

Choose our pros to dig your next trench

Now that you know more about digging a trench in mud in Roseville, CA, it’s time to hire a team to tackle the job. Contact Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. today to get a quote for your next trenching project.

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