How to Identify Underground Utilities by Color

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You may not have realized that most underground utilities are color coded, making them quite easy to identify. If you find yourself needing to work on any underground utilities, it’s important to properly identify them. These color codes also help people avoid digging or performing yard work in a certain area. In most cases, work on underground utilities should be taken care of by a professional. When professionals are performing work on your home, try and watch out for these spray-painted colors.

So, what color are underground utilities in Roseville, CA? Well, several colors are used in the color coding of underground utilities, including red, blue, green, orange, pink, white and yellow. These colors are used to identify things like electrical lines, gas pipes, communication cables and more. To learn exactly what each color signifies, read on.


The color orange is used to signify the presence or telecommunication materials located under a given spot. You’ll most often see this orange paint on pavement. In addition to telecommunication materials, orange is also used to identify alarm or signal lines and cables. During an excavation, it’s important that none of these lines are damaged, as this could disrupt telecommunication service to an entire neighborhood.


Red is one of the most important color codes to watch out for, as it signals that there are electrical wires located directly underneath. Hitting one of these wires during an excavation might not only cut power to the area, but it’s also quite dangerous. Even just touching one of these live wires with a piece of equipment could result in serious injury or death. Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables are all identified by red paint.


To signal water lines under a certain area, construction companies use blue paint. If one of your pieces of machinery damages a water line, there could be serious issues in the area, including lack of access to clean running water.


Pink color coding can be used in various places, including yards and sidewalks. This color is often used to mark underground utilities that haven’t yet been identified. Pink is also used to provide temporary survey markings for construction and utility companies.


White spray paint shows construction and drilling service companies where excavation can begin. These markings are extremely important, as they ensure excavation is only done in areas that have been deemed safe.


Since green paint means there’s a sewage line or storm drain underneath, it’s important to avoid using any heavy machinery in these areas. Damage to a neighborhood’s sewage line could destroy yards and cause major issues for nearby homes.


Underground pipes containing natural gas, oil, steam, petroleum and similar materials are identified with yellow paint. Any gas leaking from one of these pipes could be dangerous to your construction crew and anyone else in the area.

The color coding of underground utilities in Roseville, CA is important to ensuring every excavation job is done safely. If you’re in need of drilling services, be sure to contact Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc.

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