What to Know About Drilling in Extreme Heat

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Extreme temperatures can pose some unique challenges for drilling and excavation teams. When drilling in environments that see extremely high temperatures, it’s important to be prepared for the challenges associated with providing drilling in heat in Roseville, CA.

It can be difficult or even impossible to create enough shade to cool down the work area, especially if you’re drilling or pulling pipe a good distance up into the air. A simple pop-up shade won’t exactly work in this sort of situation. Plus, building shading walls could potentially cut off cooling breezes, resulting in heat and glare being concentrated in the work site and actually making it even hotter.

So, what are some steps you actually can take to minimize the effects of extreme heat when drilling in hot weather in Roseville, CA? Here’s a quick overview.

Common recommendations

One of the most common recommendations is to set up the drill rig so the mast shades the operator’s controls late in the afternoon. While this might minimize the amount of time you’re able to comfortably work on the site, it’s at least one way to provide a little bit of relief.

Another common tip is to give workers frequent breaks. When there is nothing you can do to avoid the inevitability of the heat, it becomes more important than ever that workers get adequate rest and water. The general guideline is a 10-minute break every hour. You might find this difficult if drilling a well, but it’s important to have enough workers on hand to fill in for each other during these breaks so you don’t disrupt the task and can also make sure everyone is staying safe on the job.

All workers should carefully watch each other for signs of heat stress or heat stroke. Have plenty of cold, fresh water on hand, and set up shaded break areas. If a person appears to be extremely red or sweaty, or displays any other common signs of heat stress, it’s important to give them a break immediately, even if they haven’t reached their designated 10-minute window.

Aside from the obvious redness and sweatiness, common signs of heat stress include stumbling while walking, or slowing down of communication. The brain might not work as quickly, which could result in slowing thought or slurring of words.

It is also important for everyone working on a job site in extreme heat to wear eye protection. There are, of course, the sun’s ultraviolet rays to consider, but when you’re working in a desert environment, there are also likely to be issues with dust or debris flying around and potentially getting in your face. All workers should also wear protective clothing and/or sunscreen to avoid burns.

The heat will make workers want to close their eyes and take a rest, but this should be strongly discouraged, as it could result in dozing off in the sun and suffering severe burns.

To learn more about drilling in hot weather, especially for summer drilling in Roseville, CA, we encourage you to contact the team at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. to discuss our directional drilling services.

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