What Are the Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling for Your Construction Project?

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When most people hear about directional drilling, their first thoughts may go to the process of extracting oil from the fields of west Texas. While horizontal drilling has certainly gained popularity in the energy industry, there are other industries that are also waking up to the possibilities of this state-of-the-art process. In fact, directional drilling in Roseville, CA has been used to make a significant impact on new construction in the area.

What is horizontal drilling?

Just as the name implies, horizontal directional drilling is a way to create a tunnel on a horizontal plane rather than a vertical one. Contractors employ specialized machinery that allows them to control the direction of their drill bit remotely. Using modern technology and some good old-fashioned math, directional drillers can carve out pinpoint accurate paths through soft and hard soil alike.

Again, while horizontal drilling is most commonly associated with the energy industry, directional drilling in Roseville, CA has an enormous variety of uses.

Improve safety and durability

In the construction industry, directional drilling can be used to install pipes, utilities and conduit lines throughout the project. By burying these critical components of any build, you will increase their protection from the elements, from temperature changes and even from those people who might benefit from walking off with some of your building materials.

Save yourself the effort

Before directional drilling became accessible, burying essential conduit cables was extremely time consuming. You had to dig out a trench (through the middle of your site), bury the cables and then fill in the trench again. That’s to say nothing of disposing of the extra dirt you’d wind up with. Directional drilling, meanwhile, doesn’t require digging (or disrupting your worksite), because the automated bit drills into the ground at one point, displacing a minimal amount of dirt in the process.

Save yourself some time

The other obnoxious part of traditional trench digging is the amount of time it takes. With horizontal drilling, you can shave hours off the time it takes to dig a trench, install your conduits and then put everything back. That’s an invaluable advantage in the construction industry, where hitting your deadlines is a vital part of success.

Reduce costs

Even if you’re hiring out a directional drilling firm, you will still find yourself saving money on your overall construction costs. Because a directional drill is powered and steered remotely, it requires only a handful of people to set up and operate. That’s barely anything compared to the costs of labor necessary to install utilities and pipes the old-fashioned way.

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