Micro Trenching: A Quick Overview

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Trenching services in Roseville, CA are becoming more specialized and more diverse at the same time. One of the latest techniques available that have expanded this field is micro trenching. Here’s what you need to know about these unique trenching services in Roseville, CA.

What is micro trenching?

Micro trenching is the process of creating a trench that is five to 12 inches deep and one to three inches wide.

When is micro trenching appropriate?

This technique has become a common method for installing fiber optic cables. Technicians use micro trenching when rights of way and utility corridors have become overcrowded and space is at a premium. The minimal space required for this type of trenching service in Roseville, CA makes it ideal for making high-speed broadband services available in metropolitan areas.

Is micro trenching available in all areas?

This method has become a mainstream option. Cities around the country have begun to adopt this process for cable installations. Cities such as New York, San Francisco, Charlotte and Austin are using this method. Engineers there are looking to micro trenching as a common solution in their city planning efforts.

What are the advantages of micro trenching?

Because the size of the trench is so small, micro trenching requires significantly less time and budget compared to macro trenching. In fact, the cost is about half that of macro trenching, and the process takes about half the time to complete. Because of the shortened time and reduced footprint, micro trenching causes very little disruption to the area. For busy throughways, this is a big advantage.

Are there situations in which micro trenching is not appropriate?

Yes. Micro trenching is not appropriate for all situations. In some settings and with certain materials, macro trenching or aerial cables offer a better solution. For example, if pipes must be placed with the conduit, macro trenching will be required. Technicians must determine the needs of each situation to choose the best trenching services in Roseville, CA for each project.

Who can provide micro trenching services in Roseville, CA?

If you need trenching services in Roseville, CA, it’s always best to partner with professionals who specialize in this field. Expert trenchers will have the proper knowledge, skills and tools to complete micro trenching to meet your specific needs. Look for a drilling company that has experience and an established reputation in the industry. Read reviews to determine what kind of experience others have had with the company. Ask for references directly from the trenchers as well. This vetting process will help you find the best trenching services in Roseville, CA.

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