Piercing Tools Are the Less Disruptive Trenching Alternative

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When the time comes for you to dig a channel, whether on a commercial property or as part of a local utility project, you’ll be confronted with two options: should you dig a trench or engage in directional boring in Roseville, CA? You might be surprised at the answer.

What is trenching?

You probably think you know everything there is to know about a trench. After all, it’s a channel dug into the earth, right? Not only is a trench more complicated to dig than you might think, but it’s also not always the easiest or safest option.

Trenches are enormously labor intensive and destructive. They involve seeing the dirt above them scooped and ripped from the ground little by little. Then, once your pipe is laid, or your cable is set, all that earth needs to be poured back into the hole and smoothed out.

Even after completion, a trench has a long-lasting impact on any environment that it’s in. If you have to dig a trench through a manicured lawn, for example, you can forget about seeing any growth on that spot without the need for reseeding and a whole lot of patience.

What is directional boring?

Think of directional boring in Roseville, CA as the more sophisticated trenching option. Where trenching is excellent for open spaces, directional boring is typically the right choice for pretty much everywhere else. Boring involves the use of piercing tools to carve out space underground. Directional boring is an ideal option when you want to put in something new, like cable lines or a sewer space, without disrupting the area above the ground:

  • Preserve the ecosystem: If you have to put in something underground, but you would prefer that the current ecosystem be left undisrupted, choose directional boring.
  • Maintain daily life: Need to install power lines or water pipes underneath an existing structure? Trenching would involve ripping through the floor of the existing structure. Directional boring allows you to go underneath.
  • Cover huge distances: The longer the trench you need to dig, the less feasible it becomes. With enough planning, directional boring can cross incredible distances without issue.

When you use piercing tools and directional boring, you’re allowing the environment to continue to run its course even as you accomplish whatever goals you set out to achieve.

Call on the team that can help

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