Challenges in Trenching Projects

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When the time comes to dig a trench on your property, you might operate under the assumption that you can dig it yourself. After all, a trench is just a horizontal hole in the ground, right?

Wrong. Incorrectly digging a trench may not only undermine the job you’re doing. It may also present a potential safety hazard that you don’t realize. Before you consider engaging trenching services in Roseville, CA, think about these common issues with the process.

Cave-ins can be frequent

You may not realize it, but in the industrial sector, there are distinctions made between a standard excavation and a trench. Without going into too much detail on the differences, let’s just say that, when dug, trenches are typically deeper than they are wide. This means that the dirt being displacing is still being pulled back down to the base of your trench.

Cave-ins not only suck up time, but they can present a significant safety hazard. Professional trenching services in Roseville, CA incorporate a system that prevents cave-ins and keeps production moving forward smoothly.

Objects in the ground

Nothing will slow down your trenching project like an unexpected object or obstruction. Digging a proper trench is complicated enough without stumbling on foreign objects you weren’t expecting to encounter. Finding out your path is littered with rocks is a nuisance, but it’s almost a best-case scenario when you consider that the longer your trench is, the more likely you will be to run across utilities.

A professional trenching service provider will examine the path intended and take any necessary steps to prevent unexpected issues from cropping up.

Falls are a possibility

Even if the trench you are digging is no deeper than a foot, a fall into that space can still ruin your day. It might even land you in the emergency room. As your trench gets deeper, the potential danger posed by a trip or a fall increases exponentially. When you hire a pro, they will implement some safety steps to prevent possible falls into the trench.

Even if the worst does happen, a respectable trenching service will have its employees covered by an insurance policy that protects you from any liability.

The most important step

When it comes to planning and preparing trenching services in Roseville, CA, the most crucial factor is the team you enlist to help. Throughout the extended area, that means enlisting the help of Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. We have 20 years of experience that we’re ready to put to work for you. Trenching is just the beginning of the services we provide. We’re also here for asphalt repair services, directional drilling, directional boring, potholing and so much more. Residential or commercial, we’re the team you can count on.

We place immense importance on making sure that every single one of our clients is satisfied with our performance. That’s why we make an effort to communicate clearly and frequently. We also work with local utility companies to take care of any strain you may otherwise feel. We’re all about service that makes your life easier. Give us a call or visit us online today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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