What Is Potholing?

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Developing a site comes with a lot of unique challenges and factors for property owners to consider. One of the most important aspects of the site preparation and construction process is potholing, but there’s a lot of confusion about exactly what potholing is and how it works. To help you prepare for this aspect of site development, keep reading for some more information about potholing and what to expect from pothole services in Roseville, CA.

Potholing basics

Potholing is an important part of the construction process that allows contractors to identify and map utilities on a site to ensure that development doesn’t interfere with or damage existing underground infrastructure. Potholing is done through vacuum excavation to create an exploratory hole. This exploratory hole is small and allows contractors to test the proposed path of a planned utility line or other bored hole on a site.

Vacuum excavators are the most common type of equipment used for pothole services in Roseville, CA. To create an exploratory hole, contractors use pressurized air or water to loosen soil in the path of the line, and then vacuum away the soil using a large hose with high-velocity suction from the vacuum excavator unit. A holding tank attached to the vacuum excavator is used to store the excavated soil during the potholing process.

After potholing, excavation contractors can proceed with trenching or boring to dig the utility line. Potholing gives contractors a sense of confidence in the planned placement of utility lines and reduces the risk of accidents. While potholing isn’t completed on every site prior to development or construction, it’s a good idea to invest in this service. Skipping potholing before installing utility lines can be a costly mistake that leads to property damage, endangers workers on a construction site and delays development and construction on a property.

Why is potholing important?

Potholing is completed before utility lines are dug, and it doesn’t create a hole that’s suitable to install utility lines, so a lot of property owners wonder whether this process is even necessary. While it takes a little extra time and resources to complete potholing, it is well worth it for the benefits it offers. Even if property owners have a good idea of where utility lines are located, there is still a significant risk of hitting a line with heavy excavation equipment, such as backhoes and drills. Potholing significantly reduces the risk of hitting a line, which helps reduce property damage and keep workers safe from the dangers associated with gas line breaks.

Pothole services in Roseville, CA

To find out more about pothole services in Roseville, CA, reach out to Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. We offer a wide range of services, including potholing, and we are dedicated to making sure that our customers have the best experience possible with our team. We will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to evaluate your project and explain the entire process step by step so you know exactly what to expect. Get started with a consultation for your project by giving us a call today.

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