What to Do if You Hit an Underground Utility Line

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Any time you dig, you run the risk of unearthing something unexpected. Too often, underground utilities in Roseville, CA are casualties of digging projects. When these lines are hit, the results can be disastrous.

This is why working with a utility locator in Roseville, CA is so important. Before you dig, always contact the authorities to determine if there are any utilities located in the area. If you have an underground project on your calendar, use the following steps to keep your digging safe and respond appropriately if you inadvertently strike a utility line.

Clear the area

If you hit underground utilities in Roseville, CA, immediately clear the area. Do not hang around to assess the damage, and do not try to continue working. Move all crewmembers and passersby away from the digging zone to an area where they will not be exposed to any danger. If it is possible to do so safely, block off the area so no one can enter the hazard zone.

Report the incident

Place a call as soon as possible to the appropriate authorities. Call the utility company as well as emergency responders, if needed. Inform the utility agency of any fire, leaks or odors that are present at the dig site. This will help them know how to respond appropriately. Before you commence digging, look up the numbers for utility agencies in the area so you have this information on hand if you need it.

Stay away

While you may want to help the situation, do not try to make any repairs yourself. You may only worsen the situation and put yourself or others in harm’s way. After you inform the proper agencies, remain off of the site until they have resolved the issue. Attempting to work around the danger or finish the job despite the damaged utility line is not worth the risk of further damage or personal injury.

Prevent utility damage

Always call 811 before you dig. This call will inform you of any underground utilities in Roseville, CA before you start the excavation process. It doesn’t matter if your digging plans are shallow or small—call every time. Whether you are building a fence, digging a foundation or building a commercial center, it is essential to have utility information before you dig. Your local utility locator in Roseville, CA can help you determine where buried lines are located and how to avoid them as you complete your project. It is well worth the call to avoid damage, delays or disasters down the line.

Learn more

For more information on safe digging practices, contact the underground utility experts at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been the area’s top source for fast, friendly service since 2000. Our team specializes in open trench methods for installation. We work with communication and utility companies to get services up and running as quickly and carefully as possible. Call us today to ensure your next digging project is completed with precision and safety.

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