How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Directional Drilling Project

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Directional drilling allows utility lines and pipelines to be laid with minimal surface disruption. When you need a directional drilling contractor, it’s important to choose them carefully. Having an efficient and professional team will keep your project running on time and get the job done right. The right contractor will make your project a priority and give you a time commitment that you can count on. You’ll also avoid costly site restorations when you hire a team that can get the job done right the first time.

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. is a directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA. For nearly 20 years, we have provided efficient and thorough underground utility services, from introducing the lines to handling routine maintenance. We’re a state bonded, fully licensed and insured company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us today to get tailored information about your specific utility project!

We encourage you to research other companies to ensure you’re getting the best possible service for the price. Here are some of the major considerations you should take into account:

  • Location, location, location: Obviously, the biggest factor in choosing a contractor for your project is making sure that they actually serve your area! Otherwise, you’ll sink time and energy into getting quotes and doing research, all for naught. Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. serves the Roseville, CA area—call us to find out if we can help you!
  • Reputation is key: To find the right contractor for your directional drilling project, do your research. In addition to word of mouth from trusted colleagues, you should research them by searching online, looking for reviews and even asking the company to provide client testimonials.
  • Budget: As you contact directional drilling contractors in Roseville, CA, make sure to get a quote. You should already have a fairly developed idea of what your project will entail, as well as any special considerations that could add extra time, equipment or labor costs. This will help your contractor give you a more precise quote, and reduces the chance of unexpected costs after the project has already begun.
  • Experience: Finally, experience is key—you want to make sure your contractor actually knows how to perform the job you’re hiring them to complete! Ask about former projects, as well as how your contractor has overcome similar challenges before. At Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc., we have two decades of directional drilling experience, which has made us a go-to resource for utility installations of all capacities for both residential and commercial projects. Locally owned and operated since 2000, Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. knows the Roseville area and its unique challenges.

Hire the Team at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. for Your Directional Drilling Needs

For more information on our directional drilling and HDD contractor services in Roseville, CA, contact the team at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. today! We’re glad to answer your questions, discuss your options and give you all the information you need to have as you prepare for your upcoming project.

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