Directional Drilling Benefits the Environment!

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When you need utility lines installed, you have a few different options. One of the most widely known is trenching, where a section of ground is excavated to lay utility lines, then covered up. But another form of installation, called directional drilling, may be more effective and comes with unique benefits.

One reason directional drilling in Roseville, CA is so great is because it’s actually beneficial for the environment. Consider using directional drilling the next time you need utility installation.

What is directional drilling?

Directional drilling is a form of utility installation that creates an underground hole to run utility lines or pipes through. A pilot drill follows a predetermined track from an ingress (or start) point, to an egress (or exit) point. Then, utility lines are attached to the drill and pulled back through the hole that was just formed.

The main difference between directional drilling and trenching is that the surface of the land where utilities are being installed is not disturbed. This is quite different from trenching, which can cause significant damage to the surface and surrounding areas during installation.

Your drilling contractor in Roseville, CA can use directional drilling for all kinds of utility installation, including electric, gas and water lines, as well as telephone and internet cables.

Less invasive techniques mean more environmental protection

The thing that sets directional drilling apart is also what provides it with its important benefits, one of which is environmental friendliness. Compared to trenching, directional drilling in Roseville, CA is much better for the earth.

This is mostly due to its non-invasive nature. Because this type of drilling does not disturb the topmost layers of the ground, it is ideal for locations with lots of foliage and wildlife. Plants and animals won’t have to be displaced when directional drilling occurs, and the natural environment is not put at significant risk.

It is also able to help reduce erosion, particularly on hills and slopes. Because the process requires carefully planned underground routing, rather than digging from above, directional drilling is able to navigate around these sensitive areas for better land preservation.

Directional drilling also helps cut down on waste. With trenching, concrete or asphalt may need to be removed in order to excavate the site and dig the trench for the utility lines. Depending on the area needing to be trenched, there could be significant waste in the form of pavement.

With directional drilling, asphalt and concrete don’t need to be removed and repaved, which reduces construction material waste and keeps things generally intact.

Contact us for environmentally friendly utility installation

If you require a drilling contractor in Roseville, CA to install your utility lines, contact Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc.! We are a locally owned and operated utility contractor specializing in directional drilling, but we also offer trenching, potholing work and concrete and asphalt repairs.

We’ve been serving residential and commercial customers since 2000, so you can trust us to get your utility lines up and running with as little damage and delay as possible.

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