Additional Uses for a Trencher

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There are many times when trenchers in Roseville, CA are useful or even necessary tools. Digging trenches is common when developing land, installing utilities and ensuring water, light, gas and other utilities are set up smoothly and stay on reliably. Trenching equipment in Roseville, CA is essential to developing quality trenches, but a trencher can be used for many other construction projects. Read on for more uses of a trencher:

  • Creating drainage: Creating drainage can be time-consuming and a grueling process. However, when using a chain trencher in Roseville, CA, you’ll be able to save money and time by digging several feet of soil quickly and easily. A chain trencher can create drainage trenches, perfect for water or sewage runoff. You can dig up soil with a portable trencher, and then run sprinkler or irrigation piping underground for an improved watering system as well.
  • Digging for electrical wires: There are many instances in which you need to dig underground for electrical or telecommunication wires. A chain trencher can dig up these wires from the power pole to the residence. It’s also possible to use a chain trencher to place wire for electrical dog fencing or landscape lighting in the trenches you created. Without a trencher, creating trenching in Roseville, CA can cut into a lot of time that could be better used securing wires in the ground, or developing your next project.
  • Shoveling: Many home improvement projects, especially in the yard—whether it’s irrigation, digging post holes or landscaping—require hours of painful shoveling. Instead of developing blistered hands through shoveling, trenching equipment in Roseville, CA can save a lot of time and effort. A smaller, walk-behind trencher can cut down on this time immensely. This smaller version of a trencher can dig three to four feet deep.
  • Cutting pavement: Without a trencher, cutting pavement can seem like an impossible task that requires a professional with heavy-duty equipment. However, a wheel trencher can cut through rock, pavement and concrete. Plus, wheel trenchers can be operated on difficult ground conditions and even provide straight, clean trenches. These trenchers can also work well on projects such as highways, interstates and other streets.
  • Snipping roots: As anyone who’s worked in landscaping or construction knows, tree roots can cause major issues to foundations and even smaller projects. Portable trenchers in Roseville, CA have blades that can be used as a rotary lawn mower blade in order to sever the roots of unwanted trees. The trencher’s chain blade can be used safely by holding the chain blade in place while the blade spins, and then slowly inching it forward, letting the blade cut through the roots.

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