What You Need to Know About Directional Boring in Roseville, CA

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Are you familiar with directional boring in Roseville, CA? One of the most important things to know about this process is that it offers a host of benefits. Whether you are considering various drilling methods or are planning your next drilling project, consider the following advantages of this method:

  • Intrusion: Other methods of drilling can require a significant disturbance in the soil. Directional boring in Roseville, CA reduces the soil disturbance.
  • Multi-use: By using directional boring in Roseville, CA, technicians can use the same location for more than one type of piping.
  • Stability: Some methods cause intense fractures to the surrounding rock formations. Directional boring reduces these occurrences.
  • Cleanliness: By using directional boring in Roseville, CA, project managers can reduce the amount of groundwater pollution that occurs. This also protects the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Output: If you desire greater productivity, directional boring is the way to go. This method produces twice the output of oil or gas.
  • Savings: Excavation and shoring can be costly. Directional boring makes projects cheaper and more profitable by reducing these costs.
  • Safety: Other methods pose safety hazards with open trenches and other concerns. Boring contractors in Roseville, CA offer a safer alternative for project managers.
  • Flexibility: Often, the weather can slow down or halt a project’s progress. Directional boring in Roseville, CA is not typically impacted by the weather.
  • Convenience: Many sites that require drilling are also the location of roadways, runways and other heavily used sites. Interruption to this normal traffic flow can be expensive and poorly received. Directional boring offers limited disruption.
  • Versatility: Obstructions that might hinder other projects are not a problem for directional boring contractors in Roseville, CA. It allows technicians to drill under the surface, circumventing any potential obstructions to progress.
  • Replacement: Certain boring techniques can be used to install new systems, while others can be used to replace existing pipes. Asbestos products or deteriorating systems can be replaced more easily by boring contractors in Roseville, CA.

Other Considerations

If you’re considering directional boring in Roseville, CA, it’s important to know what other factors should be reviewed. First, you must have accurate geo-technical data for the project. Second, the project site must offer adequate space for the bore rig and the supporting equipment. For piping styles, appropriate solutions for boring contractors in Roseville, CA include mechanical joint PVC, steel and HDPE.

If all of these conditions can be met, directional boring is probably a good solution for your project. Consult with an industry expert to determine the specific considerations for your site to confirm if this process would work well for your plans.

Find Out More

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