What You Need to Know Before Choosing Directional Drilling Methods

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How much do you know about directional drilling in Roseville, CA? Maybe you’ve heard the term but don’t know the details of the process. Perhaps you’ve heard this method offers significant advantages, but you don’t know what those benefits are. If you’re considering a project that requires drilling, it’s important to be familiar with your options for directional drilling.

Following is a basic overview of the process and its advantages. Keep these in mind as you plan your next digging initiative.

What is directional drilling in Roseville, CA?

This non-invasive technique is used to install new pipes or repair old ones. Directional drilling in Roseville, CA is also called directional boring.

What is the process for directional drilling in Roseville, CA?

Directional drilling uses three main steps to install a pipe. First, the drilling specialist drills a horizontal hole. This is accomplished with a bore head with an electronic transmitter. The transmitter provides information to the driller so he or she can avoid obstacles as they steer the drill on the desired path.

After this pilot hole is drilled, it is expanded to the appropriate size to accommodate pipes. The driller attaches a reamer to the drill’s cord and pulls it through the drilled hole. As this occurs, the excavators fill the hole with slurry to maintain the opening.

Lastly, the installers pull the pipes through the tunnel using a reamer head. The head is equipped with a swivel that stops the pipes from rotating while they travel through the hole.

What are the advantages of directional drilling in Roseville, CA?

By taking advantage of directional drilling, workers do not have to dig a trench to lay the pipeline. This greatly reduces the amount of disturbance or damage to the property. Pipes can be installed under existing sidewalks, driveways, roads and water features. The process has less impact on the surface and any traffic the area sees. The reduction in damage and interruptions creates a simpler, cheaper project. Directional drilling in Roseville, CA makes the process of pipe installation easier and more affordable.

What types of projects are appropriate for directional drilling in Roseville, CA?

Directional drilling machines can be used to install PVC or steel pipes. The piping can be for water, electrical lines or telecommunications. For those who need to install utility lines, this method is ideal. No longer do utility projects have to destroy the landscape, interrupt traffic and cost a bundle in labor and materials. Directional drilling is the ideal solution for these projects.

Take Your Project in the Right Direction

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