Tips to Make Sure You’re Safe While Using Directional Drilling This Summer

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What projects do you have planned for this summer? If you’re considering some heavy-duty construction that requires directional drilling, it’s important that you keep safety in mind. Directional drilling can greatly enhance your drilling process, but it must be done properly. Follow this advice from your directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA to keep your project smooth and safe:

  • Mark all utility lines: Before your directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA begins working on your project, it is essential to mark utility lines. This should be done on the surface, then they should be exposed at regular intervals. The markings are not a guarantee that the line is perfectly straight. They are an approximation of the location, and they do not indicate depth, so it is essential to verify.
  • Give them a wide berth: If you have marked utility lines and plan to drill parallel to these lines, do so with caution. Keep in mind that pipelines may have connecting parts that protrude out from your marked line. Don’t drill too closely to the utility’s path, or you may hit one of these pieces.
  • Check for additional lines: Are there signs that more utilities are in place than the ones that are marked? Look for pole risers, manhole covers, meters, pedestals or other telltale signs that you may encounter other lines. Don’t overlook water and sewer lines that may not have been marked by the locator.

Use Proper Equipment

Safety is paramount when working with a directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA. Ensure all those involved with the on-site project are properly equipped. Inspect equipment before it is used. Equip workers with electrically insulated footwear to protect against shock if electric cables are encountered. Complement their safety gear with rubber gloves, eye protection, hearing protection and highly visible clothing.

Use Clear Communication

The workers operating the drill and tracking the equipment must maintain clear communication throughout the project. Before drilling commences, workers should discuss the plan and ensure everyone is clear about the goals, the drill path and any other considerations. Two-way radios as well as hand signals are key. Test radios and establish signals before work begins.

Use Safe Methods

One of the most common causes of injury for directional drilling contractors in Roseville, CA is being struck by hazards. Too often, workers who are drilling, removing pipes or installing lines are struck by tools, equipment, piping pieces or moving vehicles. Always use the proper tool for loosening, shoveling, drilling and installing. Be aware that tight-fitting pieces can spring loose and hit someone. When working near traffic, wear bright safety vests and use appropriate traffic safety measures.

Leave it to the Pros

If you’re planning a project that calls for a directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA, contact the professionals at Es7 Comm-2U, Inc. We offer extensive experience and in-depth directional drilling knowledge to keep your project on track. We adhere to top safety standards so you can rest assured your project will be safe and smooth. Reach out to us today to get started.

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