Five Benefits of Directional Boring in Roseville, CA

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Unbeknownst to many, there are several ways to skin a cat when it comes to underground utility line installation. The traditional method of open cut excavation involves cutting into the earth and placing the pipe or cable in the ground. In directional boring (also known as horizontal directional drilling), technicians drill through the earth at an angle before basically sliding the pipe underground until it has reached its destination. Directional boring in Roseville, CA has many advantages over the traditional method. Continue reading to learn more:

  • Faster: As you can imagine, excavating a large piece of land before installing a pipe can be a pretty time-consuming process. This installation timetable only gets longer the more earth you have to dig up. If you’re in a crunch for time, you may want to choose directional boring. Since no land needs to be excavated, the process is typically much faster.
  • Versatile use: While directional boring can be used in pretty much any installation situation, it’s sometimes the only way to get the job done. If you’re installing utility lines under a roadway, landscaping or water, your only option is directional boring. Professionals can slide that pipeline into its final destination with minimal disturbance to the surface.
  • Smaller mess: As mentioned above, directional boring creates a much smaller mess than traditional excavation. The traditional method requires lots of digging and moving the earth around to install the utility line. These piles of earth are a real pain to get back in place, and they can be pretty unsightly. With directional boring, there’s hardly any earth to move, so there’s hardly any mess. Your utility line could be installed, and you’d hardly even know it happened.
  • Reduced water contamination: One of the major concerns with traditional excavation is water contamination. Digging up tons of earth can contaminate our underground water sources, which certainly isn’t good for anyone involved. Directional boring in Roseville, CA gets rid of that worry of contamination because there’s not as much to dig up! Those worried about contaminating groundwater will certainly prefer directional boring over the excavation process.
  • Better for the environment: Directional boring doesn’t just keep our water clean; it’s also better for the environment as a whole. Traditional excavation rips up roots, plants and grass, and just disturbs the area’s ecosystem in general. Additionally, the tracks from the heavy machinery used can damage the land for years to come. Since directional boring doesn’t move the earth, it’s much better for the surrounding environment. While there is some environmental impact, it’s nothing compared to that of excavation. Directional boring also requires heavy machinery, but far less equipment than excavation. If the process is planned correctly, the machines used in directional boring will hardly affect the soil.

Whether you need to install a utility line using directional boring in Roseville, CA or the traditional method, be sure to give Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. a call! Our professionals have decades of combined industry experience, so you can trust that we’ll get the job done right the first time.

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