Benefits of Directional Drilling in Roseville, CA

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When you need to complete underground installations or extract resources from beneath the surface, you have two main options. Open cut, or trenching, is the first option. This involves simply excavating the earth to reach the desired depth. Directional drilling in Roseville, CA offers a second option. This method avoids the trench creation and allows you to drill laterally to reach the desired location.

As you can imagine, directional drilling in Roseville, CA offers distinct advantages over other methods. When you choose directional drilling, you gain from its many benefits:

  • Doubled output: When drilling for oil or gas, directional drilling in Roseville, CA is the clear choice. It produces twice as much of the resource. The method may cost more than open trenching, but it pays off in the amount of oil or gas extracted. Who wouldn’t want to produce twice as much output for the same amount of effort?
  • Reduced contamination: As we work to protect our environment, it is important to reduce the impact of each project on our ecosystem. Every company wants to minimize the size of its footprint to preserve resources and land for the future. Directional drilling does this. It reduces the contamination of groundwater pollution. By reducing the amount of digging and soil disturbance, it also protects the ecosystem of adjacent areas.
  • Increased profits: Directional drilling reduces excavation and shoring costs. Because it is not impacted by weather, it’s also easier to complete projects without delays. Additionally, directional drilling in Roseville, CA allows you to use a single location for the installation of more than one pipe. All of this translates to reduced costs and increased profits.
  • Limited disruption: This method is ideal for sites already in use. Homes, roads, airports, golf courses and even waterways can all be preserved with directional drilling. Traffic and landscapes don’t need to be disrupted to complete the project. For many sites, this method of drilling is the only option possible.
  • Low fracturing: Existing rock formations can provide key support for the landscape. They may also be difficult to work around with open cut methods. Open trenching can also disturb and fracture these formations. Directional drilling reduces the fractures to these existing formations, preserving the landscape and increasing safety.
  • Safety: Directional drilling is a safer option than open cut. Open trenches are responsible for a high percentage of work injuries. With directional drilling, there is no open trench to pose hazards like collapsing walls or dangerous falls. It offers a safer, more convenient option to get the job done right.

What’s the next drilling project on your calendar? If you’re searching for a solution that will make your drilling simpler and more cost-effective, consider directional drilling in Roseville, CA. Save time, save money and enjoy a safer work environment as you protect the environment. To find out more about directional drilling and how it could enhance your next drilling project, contact the experts at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. Our experienced team can answer any questions and advise you on the best drilling solutions for your setting.

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