Advice from Your Trenching Contractors in Roseville, CA: When to Use Trenching or Horizontal Directional Drilling

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You know you need to dig—the question is how. Is it better to ask trenching contractors in Roseville, CA to use an open-trench method? Could you benefit more from horizontal directional drilling at your setting? To determine the best method for your project, consider the following factors.

What are the restoration costs?

Some settings require extensive restoration to complete the job. Landowners may be concerned about aesthetics, and an open trench will need to be carefully concealed once the project is finished. Re-sodding and fresh landscaping may be required. Some settings may involve concerns about water levels, proper runoff and erosion control. Careful restoration is needed to ensure a safe and healthy ecosystem is restored once the trenching is complete.

In these cases, horizontal directional drilling can offer a great solution. It offers less disturbance to the surface, requiring less restoration. This will reduce restoration costs and create an overall simpler project.

What are the ground conditions?

The current conditions of the land are an important factor as you decide which method to use. Where is the drilling project taking place? Is it in an urban or rural setting? If you will be drilling in an open field with no current structures or utilities, trenching is a simple option. There are few concerns about disturbing the land or running into existing roads or buildings.

If homes, highways or waterways might impede your drilling, horizontal directional drilling is a better option. In these conditions, directional drilling allows you to complete your project without disturbing these structures.

What type of installation is involved?

Consider what you will be installing, how deep it needs to go and what standards must be met for the installation. For example, installations less than two feet deep are not an option for horizontal directional drilling. The drill needs a greater depth to maintain pressure from above to keep it in place. In cases of shallow drilling, trenching contractors in Roseville, CA use an open-trench method.

Some installations involve safety standards that require open-trenching methods. For example, if you must lay sand below piping for cushioning, this requires an open trench. Determine what kind of access you will need to the underground location to help decide which method you will use.

Can you use both?

For some projects, one or the other method is a clear choice. However, for more and more projects, the best solution is a combination of methods. It’s not uncommon for trenching contractors in Roseville, CA to use one type of machine for part of a project and another to complete it. If a utility line stretches through a field and then must cross a road, they may use a trencher in the field, then switch to horizontal directional drilling to go beneath the street.

When you have a project before you, consider consulting the expert drillers at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. We can walk you through the options to determine the best method or combination of methods to use for your setting. Reach your experienced trenching contractors in Roseville, CA by calling us today!

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