Five Advantages of Directional Drilling in Roseville, CA

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Directional drilling is the best way to install utilities. It offers advantages that are not present with other methods. Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. performs directional drilling in Roseville, CA for the installation of electric, gas and even water lines. Here are five benefits to using this technique over other options:

  • Preserve landscapes: Sometimes it happens—you need an electric or telephone line right under a pristinely cultivated garden. If you decide not to go with directional drilling, installing that line involves ripping up the landscape and having to make that investment again. This is not cost effective, and no one wants their garden ruined. Directional drilling goes under the landscape without disrupting it so you can receive your needed utilities without destruction.
  • Maintain natural environments: It is not just fancy landscaping that needs protection. Sometimes, sensitive environments and habitats require preservation, and that all goes away if you use traditional drilling methods. This allows you to install utilities without local wildlife or sensitive foliage being affected. Just as you can preserve that Japanese garden or other specialized landscape, you can also install utility access while meeting your environmental preservation goals.
  • Reduced costs: When it comes to traditional ways to install utilities, the largest costs are not in the installation itself, but in restoration. Digging trenches destroys environments, but even if you perform that work where there is no landscaping, you are still looking at the costs of restoring that land back to normal. Directional drilling requires no restoration efforts, and once completed, the only difference you notice is the access to gas, electricity or water. You only pay for installation—not land restoration. Directional drilling also saves costs on evacuation and shoring, since those procedures are not as necessary as with traditional utility installation.
  • Flexible: As circumstances change, the demands for utilities increase. DSL lines and cable must be installed where it was never anticipated as being needed. If it were not for directional drilling, these areas may remain without electricity upgrades or Internet access. Instead, we have directional drilling, which can go under golf courses, parks and roads without disrupting the services. Residential projects can continue to expand, too, since adding utilities is no longer the big trenching operation it was in days past. Directional drilling adapts to the land, which makes it appropriate for most environments.
  • Fast: If there is an immediate demand for utility installation or expansion, directional drilling will get you up and running quickly. It does not require as many steps as traditional efforts, so you receive your utilities faster. There is also minimum disruption, since only the large-scale industrial projects take more than a day. Feel free to wire that shop on your rural property or upgrade the electrical lines at your manufacturing outfit. Directional drilling will make it easier and faster!

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. is available to handle directional drilling in Roseville, CA for your upcoming project. Call us today for assistance in installing utility lines with the best technique possible!

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