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Horizontal directional drilling is actually a little bit of a misnomer. Yes, it can move horizontally, but also vertically and around natural barriers. This makes it the most flexible utility installation technique available! If you are considering traditional trenching methods to install your utilities, you may what to think again. Here are six reasons why you should choose horizontal directional drilling in Roseville, CA instead:

  • Works around everything: There are few land conditions that cannot be preserved and accommodated by directional drilling. This technique works under sensitive surfaces, around tree roots and even accommodates utility installation under lakes. If you have curved pipes, directional drilling creates the space for them, too, without any surface disturbances. Taking this approach preserves landscaping and environmental conditions, which makes it ideal for every location from busy urban areas to remote habitats for endangered species.
  • Reduced chance of contamination: When you use trenching around oil reserves or leach fields, you risk contaminating the surrounding environment. That is due to that construction method upsetting land surfaces and causing leaks in these reserves. When you use directional drilling, you can increase access to oil or gas resources without threatening the supply. If you are working with biological or toxic waste, directional drilling installs the pipes necessary to manage them without causing disruption that could contaminate ground water or soil.
  • Perfect for residential projects: Directional drilling is popular for updating utilities in residential communities. You can drill under homes and lawns without disruption, while also assuring modernity arrives in the neighborhood. If there is a well or septic tank, directional drilling works around those features so sewage handling and the water supply are never compromised. This is why you often see directional drilling contractors hired when utilities must be installed or upgraded in crowded communities.
  • No traffic interruption: Once, the prospect of installing utility lines under roadways inspired dread. Weeks, if not months, of ripping up concrete and restoring it brought nightmares to developers and city planners alike. That is no longer the case. Directional drilling makes it possible to install lines under roads without drivers even noticing. Utility access increases, as does the daily traffic of commerce and people merely living their lives. Airports, bus stations and train routes also receive upgrades without any delay in service.
  • Low cost: Directional drilling takes less time and requires fewer workers. There is no need for land restoration work, and any present infrastructure remains undamaged through the process. The only cost you pay is installation—not evacuation, shoring or restoration. This assists with keeping within budgets, even if your development plans are ambitious.
  • Works during rain or shine: Traditional trenching methods cannot be performed in all weather. Rain delays projects since water accumulation threatens land and building conditions. If adverse weather conditions arise during drilling, we continue until the job is complete. It is not subject to the same limitations.

Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. offers horizontal directional drilling in Roseville, CA and the surrounding area. Call us today to schedule an estimate!

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