Always Call 811 Before Digging!

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Maybe you’re just working on a small digging project in your backyard. Or maybe you’re working on a large-scale project that calls for directional drilling in Roseville, CA. The size of the project doesn’t matter: You should always call 811 before you break ground.

There are really no downsides to contacting 811 before you start digging or drilling. You can usually obtain a free underground utility location check that will help you avoid striking any utility lines in the vicinity of your site. You can also save yourself a lot of logistical and financial headaches by getting 811 involved with your project.

Avoid significant fines

If you don’t contact 811 and you do happen to damage a utility line, you could be facing a big financial burden. Most localities have serious laws in place to discourage groundbreaking projects that haven’t been properly planned. Fines can vary depending on the type of utility line you hit, the severity of the damage or other circumstances.

For example, if you have the misfortune of hitting one of the new, high-tech utility lines used for cable or Internet services, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damages. Even worse, your locality can charge you much more than just the repair cost to cover other services needed.

Keep everyone safe

You can’t really predict the locations of utility lines. Many people think utilities are buried too deep underground to pose a challenge to something as simple as gardening or putting in a new mailbox. But utility lines can actually be mere inches from the surface of the earth, which puts them well within range of even the least invasive digging projects. And even if you’ve dug in the same location in the past, natural occurrences like erosion or tree roots can shift utility lines around.

Hitting a utility line can pose significant dangers to you, your family and your neighbors. Fire, electrocution or exposure to natural gas can occur if you damage a utility line. All it takes is an easy phone call to 811 to protect everyone’s property and wellbeing. It’s worth the peace of mind to know that you’re being safe, responsible and courteous to your neighbors before you start digging.

Work with a professional

Even if you’ve hired a contractor or landscaper to take care of the digging, it’s still smart to double check with the company to see if they plan to call 811, or if they expect you to do so. Many companies make this phone call an automatic part of their processes, but it’s always a good idea to make sure this is the case.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable contractor to help with your project, get in touch with Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. We specialize in trenching services and directional drilling in Roseville, CA, and have been working in this field for the past 17 years. By working directly with communication and utility companies, we can help ensure that your project breaks ground safely.

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