Upgrade Telephone Lines with Directional Drilling in Roseville, CA

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Directional drilling in Roseville, CA has revolutionized utility line installation. This is especially true for telephone lines, since new communications technology demands replacing older infrastructure. Using this technique makes it easier to replace older copper cable with DSL and fiber optics. Here are five services directional drilling offers the communications industry:

  • Replacing old wire: Phone lines from 1974 will not accommodate DSL and digital telephone. These developments are not too recent, but there are still areas where current wires cannot accommodate them and require an upgrade. Directional drilling allows us to create a new bore and pull new wires through it. Sometimes, we may remove the older wires, and other times, the new wires coexist with the original ones. This started happening about 30 years ago, and now, it continues today as communities upgrade their communications infrastructure.
  • Add fiber: New cable types are invented every day. Fiber optics support better area Wi-Fi and produce more reliable Internet connections. With people becoming more reliant on wireless Internet access, it becomes more important than ever to keep up with new technology. Many times, wires do not need to be replaced, but complemented. The new wire receives its own bore so it can enhance current services or add service that did not exist before installation.
  • Create new lines: If you are subdividing or developing previously unoccupied land, both residential and commercial properties expect the latest in Internet and telephone access. You also need to install these wires in such a way that they do not interfere with current utilities or create unnecessary barriers. Installing Internet and phone lines through directional drilling is the best way to accomplish this. Keeping lines underground protects them from severe weather and does not demand additional construction effort to accommodate above-ground lines. This creates cost savings as well as good access.
  • Enhance Internet security and speed: There are customers who need something extra, like a dedicated T1 line. This is common with people who handle sensitive information while working from home. Directional drilling provides these secure online services along with additional speed often required by some applications. This technique makes it easy to install one feature to a single home or commercial building. These requests will likely increase as more people pursue alternative work arrangements.
  • Maintain landscaping and the environment: Overhead lines are difficult to maintain and install. They are vulnerable to wind storms, and if there is a sudden freeze, you may find your Internet or phone access cut off. Lines may also interfere with wildlife and outdoor preservation efforts. If you live in a remote location or value specialized landscaping, directional drilling is ideal for you. Installing lines above-ground can interfere with your aesthetics and even your household’s safety. When you use directional drilling, you can preserve the appearance and integrity of the surrounding environment.

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