Five Situations That Demand a Directional Drilling Contractor in Roseville, CA

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Utility installation is a specialist area in construction. When you arrive at that point with your effort, consider hiring a directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA. Our techniques for installing utility lines and wires are usually superior to other options, and you will be amazed at the results. Here are five situations that make directional drilling the best way to go when it is time to install or upgrade utility services:

  • Sensitive environment: A ranger station in a remote area still requires utility access, but not at the expense of the environment. Preservation efforts for various plant and animal species make loud, invasive construction impractical. When you are in a remote area that requires protection, directional drilling can install wires with less interference. Sometimes, it is not just about environmental protection. Homes and public gardens with intricate landscaping also do not want their grounds destroyed. Directional drilling makes it possible for these facilities to upgrade communication or install additional network lines.
  • Extensive utility installation: Directional drilling works best in areas where extensive trenching is impossible. This can be due to solid soil layers or simply the size of the project. If you are building a new housing subdivision, you need utility lines, but digging that many trenches takes time and costs money for land remediation once workers complete line installation. When you need service to several buildings or a large area, directional drilling is likely your best option.
  • Installation of multiple utilities: While it depends upon land conditions, directional drilling can work for all utility types. Gas, electrical, Internet and telephone lines all benefit from directional drilling. Even some types of water lines have been installed using this method. Directional drilling also plays a primary role in upgrading Internet connections over large areas as new options, like fiber optics, become available. Many cities benefit from area-wide Wi-Fi and faster Internet speeds that would likely be impossible if not for the quick and easy installation offered by directional drilling.
  • Time-sensitive projects: If challenges during construction made deadlines seem like dreams or you won a bid on a time-pressured effort, directional drilling can save time. Trenching takes more time because it involves digging, installation and land remediation. If you are already pressed for time, waiting through the traditional trenching process will be aggravating. However, directional drilling and its non-invasive approach allows for quick and effective utility installation.
  • Tight budgets: Municipal projects run on specific budgets, and you must stay within their limitations. Even working with a cost-savvy homeowner can be stressful if you find a situation that demands you increase your estimate. Using directional drilling for utilities can help to avoid that scenario. With lower equipment and labor costs, you are more likely to stay within budgets and estimates and on the good side of your customers. That enhances your credibility and increases your chances of winning future bids.

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