Directional Boring: The Only Way to Replace Direct Bury Cables

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If you’re experiencing outages or power quality issues, the problem may be with the power cables leading into your home. Some homes have overhead cables, which are easy to access if a repair or replacement is needed. However, more recent trends over the last decade or so have power companies using direct bury power cables instead of overhead cables. There are many benefits to using direct bury cables, but the one major drawback is that they are more difficult to access when a repair is needed.

What exactly is a direct bury power cable?

Overhead wires required having poles in the yard to support hanging power lines, and there was always the danger of snagging a line or coming into contact with downed power lines. Power companies found that a better alternative was to run power lines under the ground instead of over it. In the late 1960s, power companies across the country began making use of direct bury power cables.

Direct bury cables are a special type of cable that are designed to be run in a trench underground without the use of conduit to surround it. The electrical wires are encased in a thermoplastic sheath that seals out moisture and protects the wires within. The only problem is that, when a repair or replacement is needed, the wires need to be dug up and replaced or a conduit will have to be run and the wires reburied.

How does directional boring help?

In the past, trenching has always been the most common process for replacing direct bury power cables. However, trenching means digging up the current cable, repairing or replacing it and then having to rebury it. This process can be very invasive, time consuming and costly. That’s why people have been opting to use directional boring services in Roseville, CA instead.

Directional boring is a process that uses a machine with a compact drill to bore a direct path for the new cables. Instead of having to dig deep trenches and disrupt the entire environment and your daily life, we can now simply insert a drill bit into the ground, bore a pathway and pull the new cables through. Unlike trenching, directional drilling allows cables to be installed in the ground deeper and across longer areas without digging up the whole yard. Directional drilling is simply the better process; it is simpler, faster and less expensive than trenching because all the work can be accomplished through one small access point.

If you need to repair or replace your direct bury cables, don’t waste time and money on outdated procedures that will destroy your yard. Instead, take advantage of Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc.’s expert directional boring services in Roseville, CA. We promise you’ll find that our directional drilling services will not only be faster and less expensive than trenching, but your yard will be left nearly untouched as well. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, give our team of experts a call today!

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