Directional Drilling and the Utility Pull Advantage

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Suppose the front lot for the shop across the street looks like an archeological dig site. Deep trenches, piles of mud and large equipment seem to have become a permanent part of the streetscape. And all of this just to install a few new utility lines? There’s got to be a better way.

Well, actually, there is! Enter directional drilling, an innovative method of installing utilities where a compact drill is used to bore a direct path for utility lines. Instead of having to dig deep trenches and disrupt the entire environment and daily operations throughout the area, we can now simply insert a drill bit into the ground and bore a pathway for new utility lines.

As your local directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA, we’ve already told you that there are many advantages to directional drilling, including lower costs, less hassle and shorter completion times, but what we haven’t talked about yet is the advantage of being able to pull utility lines during the directional drilling process.

The tool used to bore the tunnel for the utilities is also used to pull the utility lines through the tunnel, which is why we use the phrase “utility pulling.” There are several benefits to utility pulling. Below are a few points that we like to call the utility pull advantage:

  • Deeper installation: Being able to use the boring tool to pull the utility lines into the ground allows for a deeper installation. When using the trench method for installing utility lines, there is more restriction on how deep you can go because you are moving so much earth. When pulling the utility lines into the ground, however, the lines can be installed as deep as the boring tool can go.
  • Longer installation: Again, the trench method for installing utility lines has many restrictions in regards to how much digging can actually be done. Digging deep trenches across long areas is simply not practical or cost-effective. When pulling utilities as part of the directional drilling method, however, the utility lines can not only be installed deeper into the ground, but they can also be pulled for miles underground without disrupting the area.
  • Process streamlining: Perhaps the greatest benefit of being able to pull utility lines during directional drilling is how it streamlines the process of utility line installation. You are removing several steps and the need for different types of equipment by essentially using the same boring tool to complete the entire operation. In fact, once the tunnel is bored, the utility lines are attached to the tool and pulled through as the boring tool is reversed through the path it just made. It’s almost like having a one-step process for getting the work done.

If you need to install utility lines for your home or business, consider hiring a directional drilling contractor in Roseville, CA. Discover for yourself the many advantages of opting to use the directional drilling method for your installation, including the utility pull advantage. To get started, give Es7 Comm-2U, Inc. a call today!

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