Facts About Boring Machines

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Facts About Boring Machines

Boring machines are a type of machining process that enlarges an existing hole in a workpiece. This process is similar to drilling, but it differs from turning by using a single cutting tool rather than multiple passes of a bit. Despite their similarities, boring is considered to be a separate area of machining practice, with its own tips, tricks, challenges, and body of expertise. This is because tooling design is somewhat more difficult due to the fact that the workpiece mostly surrounds the tool.

• Versatility

There are a variety of industries that use boring machines. These include oil and gas production, windmill manufacturing, printing, chemical processing, aerospace, ship building and construction. Some of the most common jobs that these machines are used for involve reaming and machining. They are also often used for repair purposes. Using the right machine tool for the job can save money and time. In addition to this, specialized equipment can provide higher quality products with tight tolerances. Boring machines are available in a number of configurations and styles. These include table, floor and planer types.

• Chip Clean-Up

When chips form during boring, they can be difficult to remove from a bore and the workpiece. This creates a safety concern because they can eject with great force and fly several metres. The chip size and shape can also have a significant impact on surface finish. Larger chips can wrap around the boring bar and chatter or break, damaging the part’s surface. In most cases, the size of a chip isn’t necessarily an issue; it is more important to choose the right geometries on inserts and the appropriate cutting speed to produce smaller, straight chips with a better surface finish.

• Safety

Many underground construction professionals rely on auger boring machines to bore through tough ground conditions. That means these machines need to be reliable and efficient, so they can get the job done quickly. Fortunately, boring machine manufacturers have developed some safety features that help minimize the risk of rollover accidents on the job site. One of these systems is the operator presence system, which requires the operator to keep a hand on the clutch control. This ensures the drive line disengages in milliseconds, preventing the rollover of the auger. Another safety feature is the braking system, which helps prevent the augers from slipping and falling. While it can be challenging to teach employees how to operate equipment safely, it’s crucial to make it a habit. This will help reduce the risk of injuries while increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.

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