The Benefits Of Directional Drilling

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Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional trenching. It can be used to install telecommunications, electrical, water and oil and gas pipelines underground in places where trenching is not possible.  


Directional drilling is a more efficient way to drill oil and gas wells. This is because the wells can be drilled at many different angles to find oil and gas reserves. This can be useful if the underground reservoir is difficult to access through a vertical borehole. It can also allow oil companies to explore smaller and less-proven reserves that may not be economical to access by other means. 

Depending on the location, directional drilling can also reduce the amount of soil disturbance and make the oil extraction process less disruptive to nearby residents and other stakeholders. It can also help reduce fractures to existing rock formations and the contamination of groundwater pollution, all of which can protect the ecosystem and surrounding areas. 


One of the biggest benefits of directional drilling is that it is less damaging to the ground than other drilling techniques. This is because the equipment used is typically lighter and much smaller than a trenching machine. This is especially important for contaminated sites where sustainability is a major concern. It also means that there is a lot less noise and dust caused by directional drilling. 


Often, directional drilling works well when excavation is not the best option for a project because of space constraints or environmental issues. For instance, if you need to install sewer laterals or deep-water lines in an urban setting, it may not be possible to use a traditional surface horizontal directional drill (HDD) rig because there isn’t enough setback space. In situations like this, directional drilling helps to minimize damage and make the installation process faster and safer for workers. It is a great tool for pipeline and utility projects, and it is becoming increasingly common in the industry. 


A directional drilling tool is a down-hole motor and a bit that steers a drill string to the desired direction. The best directional tool of all is the down-hole motor, which not only has the capacity to operate a bit, but to reroute the drilling fluid flow in order to tame the tricky rock. 

A directional tool simply can’t be beaten as it has helped to revolutionize the oil and gas industry. In particular, a directional tool of the caliber of a down-hole motor has not only improved efficiency but has significantly reduced downtime and cost. In addition, the most advanced directional tools are designed to be adapted for multiple uses. This is the key to a successful directional drilling project. 

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