Potholes and the Damage They Cause

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Driving a vehicle on a daily basis is a necessity for many people. When driving a car on a public road, you will generally expect the roadways to be safe and in acceptable condition. However, due to regular wear and tear, bad weather, and the use of salt to break up ice, potholes can form. While these may seem like minor inconveniences, hitting a pothole can be a bad situation and result in various negative outcomes.

Damage to Tires

One of the most common forms of damage that can occur when you hit a pothole is your tire can be damaged. While car tires are durable, if the hole is deep enough and you hit it with enough force, it can cause the air in your tire to shift around quickly, which could cause your tire to blow out. Even more likely is that it would cause a slow leak, which would require you to have the tire patched or replaced.

Wheel Damage

Similar to the damage that can be done to your tires, a bad connection with a pothole can also cause damage to the wheels. In some cases, the wheel and rim will even become bent and damaged, which can make it unsafe to drive as the tire could become loose. This can cause serious repair needs.

Steering and Suspension System

The steering and suspension system is a very important part of your vehicle, and it is necessary to ensure you have control over the direction of your car. If you come into contact with a pothole, the damage to it can be significant. If you notice that your car is making odd noises when steering, is drifting to one side, or it is hard to turn, there could be damage to your suspension system from a pothole.

Loss of Control

One of the more serious risks that can come if you hit a hole in the road is the loss of control. If you hit a hole hard enough, it can be a very jarring and scary incident. This could cause you to temporarily lose control of your vehicle. If you are driving at high speeds, this could cause a dangerous collision that can lead to even more damage.  

While they can be common on public roads, particularly during the winter and spring, potholes can be serious hazards that all drivers should be aware of. If you have incurred pothole damage, you could be entitled to compensation from the village where the pothole was located. It is important to take pictures of your car and the pothole for proper documentation. 

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