What Are the Different Types of Trench Equipment?

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Many different tools can fall within the broad trench equipment category, but this type of equipment is categorized by digging style and according to the force required to penetrate the earth. In most cases, trowels and shovels are needed for smaller trenches, but bigger tools are required for more significant projects. Continue reading to learn about the different types of trenching tools.

Types of Trenches Equipment

The type of trench needed for a particular project typically depends on the size of the trench that needs to be dug in addition to the material that needs to be excavated. There are also different types of trenching machines. Here are a few different types of trenches.

Basic Trenches

People can often use ordinary gardening equipment to dig up small trenches. Normally, the only tool that is needed is a shovel in this instance. Many times, people find it helpful to set out markers or other space designations to measure the area and receive accurate results. However, this isn’t usually required. Most importantly, though, the earth is moved away and the space that remains is wide enough to accommodate whatever is being placed in it, from cabling to water pipes.

Portable Machinery

Portable trenchers are some of the smallest dedicated trench digging tools and these are mainly ideal for small jobs such as lawn work. Portable machinery involves the use of digging and can be operated while walking. These machines are perfect because they can normally dig trenches up to 30 inches deep and 2 to 6 inches wide. Commonly, they are used for excavating lighting, water lines, or lighting and enable a lot more precision than using manual force such as a shovel, but with less effort.

Chains and Buckets

Chain trenchers are another option if you are working on a large project. These include the use of a chain wrapped around a metal, rounded frame and boom similar to a chainsaw’s design. In several types of chain trenchers, the boom can be adjusted at certain angles in order to create certain types of cuts. Some of these tools will also feature a chain speed, which makes certain applications of the machine more flexible.

The bucker wheel trencher is similar because it involves using a digging wheel surrounded by buckets on its perimeter. The circular motion of the digging wheel enables the buckets to excavate dirt from the trench. Some of the applications of bucket wheels include footings, pipelines, cables, utilities, and drainage trenches.

Rockwheel Equipment

This is a more complicated tool and is mainly used to cut through pavement or rock. It features a toothed metal that acts as a digging implement. The wheel spins like one on a circular saw. They are mostly used to cut or dig the soil in very hard ground. Their teeth are made of high-strength steel or tungsten and are almost always removable.

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