Underground Utilities and You

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What you may not think about as you go about your everyday life is that you are literally walking over underground utilities. These utilities provide essential services in the city. That being said, not everyone realizes how much of an impact underground utilities have on their daily life, and it may be possible that they don’t know about the safety measures they should take when they are near them. Here at Es7-Comm-2 U Inc., we are all about helping people discover the resources they need to keep themselves safe while out and about. 

Before You Dig

One of the biggest reasons an everyday person needs to know about the underground utilities in their area is because they may want to dig up some portion of their property that has those utilities within it. If that is the case, they need to know about what is there and how they can protect themselves and others around them from any potential dangers that could arise from the digging. In fact, they are asked to call the city before starting any digging project. After all, the city wants to get involved and let homeowners know if what they are doing is safe or not. 

Why Are Many Utility Lines Underground?

Many utility lines are placed underground for a variety of possible reasons, including: 

  • There isn’t enough room to leave these lines aboveground.
  • The lines are easier to transport the utilities that they need from their underground position.
  • There have been complaints in the past about the sight and clutter of above-ground utility lines.

There are so many reasons why the city may want to take advantage of the opportunity to put utility lines underground. You need to be aware of the fact that those lines are there so you don’t take any actions, like a digging project, that may jeopardize your ability to keep yourself safe. 

Ultimately, you are asked to get in touch with the 8-1-1 telephone number no matter where you are in the country if you have questions about how to keep yourself safe from the potential dangers that underground utility lines may pose to you. They will have the information you need about digging in any specific area or taking any other actions that you may be considering. Check out what they have to offer you as far as the information that can keep you safe. 

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