Pothole Repair Methods

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Besides being unsightly, potholes are also dangerous to road users whenever they suddenly appear on the roads. A pothole is a deep hole formed on parking lots or roadways, especially after extreme wet seasons or on roads with high traffic of heavy vehicles. 

How Are Potholes Formed?

Water permeates through cracks or the soil beneath the road causing weak spots on the surface. These surface parts fall apart when vehicles drive through them, leading to a pothole. The pothole will then expand and deepen with time. Potholes are a dangerous nuisance on the roads, resulting in extensive car damage or deadly accidents. It is essential to repair potholes immediately due to their potential dangers. You may wonder what are the various ways potholes can be fixed?

Repairing Potholes

Different pothole repair methods are used to fill up these vicious holes on the roads. These methods range from temporary methods (the cold winter fix technique) to permanent patch-up methods (the hot summer mix). The level of skill needed to repair potholes will depend on the pothole repair methods applied. You will require supplies such as hot or cold asphalt binder and aggregates for whichever technique.  

What Are the Various Ways Potholes Can Be Fixed?

  1. Throw and Go Method. This involves mixing the asphalt materials and then hurling the mixture into the potholes using a trowel to cover them. The material is then spread using the scoop to compress, or it is left for the traffic to do the job. It is the most basic, least expensive, and simplest pothole repair method. It is a temporary solution for fixing potholes before the relevant road authority takes a long-term solution.
  2. Throw and Roll Method. It is an equally rudimentary technique for repairing potholes. It entails mixing the asphalt materials, placing the mixture in potholes, and compressing it by driving a heavyweight vehicle over the patch. It is also a temporary method as it is prone to quick depreciation.
  3. Edge-Seal Repair Method. This is an advanced version of the throw and roll method. After applying the throw and roll method to fill the pothole, an asphalt tack coat is applied around the ends of the patch to connect it to the other parts of the road. Then sand is spread over the tack to keep car tires from tracking it.
  4. Semi-Permanent Pothole Repair Method. This technique is among the best, second only to the full-depth highway repair method. Water and rubble are removed from the pothole, and its edges are neatly trimmed to ensure the patchwork is sturdy. Asphalt material is then inserted into the hole and pressed using a vibratory roller or plate, which should be smaller than the repaired area.
  5. Spray-Injection Method. This technique is similar to the semi-permanent method but does not require compacting the patch. The difference is that it involves spraying a binder tack coat on the bottom of the pothole, blowing asphalt aggregate into the pothole, and concealing the patched area with an additional layer of the mixture.
  6. Cold-Lay Method. This involves progressively applying layers of cold-lay asphalt into the pothole and compressing each layer with a compactor, creating a fresh, long-lasting surface. Its advantage is that it allows quick vehicle traffic over the repaired area.
  7. Hot-Work Method. This method is incredibly long-lasting and permanent. It involves heating and compressing asphalt using machines, allowing the patch to stabilize and connect with the nearby asphalt as it cools.
  8. Full-depth Roadway Pothole Replacement Method. This is the most effective and complicated pothole repair method. It involves crushing the loose asphalt and adding water and cement to create new asphalt for the repair. The new asphalt is spread and compacted into an entirely new road section. 

The pothole repair method you choose will depend on the available resources, what caused the pothole, and the type of road. Though some techniques are simple, others require the professional intervention of competent contractors like Es7 Comm-2U, Inc. Contact us for a thorough and cost-effective pothole patchwork.

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