How Does Directional Drilling Work?

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Laying wire or pipe or anything else under the ground can be a difficult process. Drilling holes so that you can install things under the ground can be tricky, but with directional drilling, you can direct where the hole goes and can create a precise path for whatever it is that you might be installing. So, what is directional drilling, and how does it work?

What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling is a process by which the driller uses their tools to precisely drill a hole under the surface of the earth without having to trench or excavate. This allows installers to put the pipe, wire or other materials under the earth without having to go to the huge lengths of fully excavating or fully trenching to install things. This allows for less mess, less struggle, and is far easier than traditional drilling and traditional installation. If you pre-ream the pilot hole you can make the process even easier.

Directional drilling allows you more control over the process than you would have if you were blind drilling or if you were trenching to install something like a pipe or wires and cables underground.

Do You Need Directional Drilling?

This is perfect for those that need to access something like an underground oil reserve or gas reserve but are not able to drill directly down to the deposit for whatever reason. This helps you to figure out what you are going to do and to make sure you are not going to disturb the ground around the deposit and the ground above it.

Directional drilling gives you so much more control than just blind drilling or trying to figure out how to directly drill down without disturbing things. With directional drilling, you get the added benefit of less disturbance of the surface, less impact on the area that you are drilling, and also the benefit of being able to control where the hole goes and where the pipes and other items will go.

With the right directional drilling company, you can have ultimate control over drilling and access and can make your own decisions about where the holes are drilled and where they go under the earth. If you are having trouble with things like getting permits for certain areas, directional drilling can take care of that issue and can make your day that much easier.

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