The Advantages of Directional Drilling in Roseville, CA

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Horizontal directional drilling, often referred to simply as “directional drilling,” has made it significantly easier for homeowners and commercial property owners to get additional utility installations (such as water, sewer, power, gas and telecommunications) without having to significantly alter the terrain around the site. Now, thanks to directional drilling, it’s possible to install brand new utility functionality just about anywhere at a fraction of the cost that would be associated with trenching.

Directional drilling in Roseville, CA is a process in which technicians drill horizontally without moving across large expanses of soil. As a result, there are brand new possibilities to find pipes for utilities. Previously, the only option for installing piping was to dig out trenches and destroy the landscape, but directional drilling changed this forever.

By using a compact drill, a small crew quickly gets the job done. The drill head has been electronically wired to track utility pipes and lines, and the operator of the drill can monitor where the drill is heading and the pressure it is extending. While the drill cuts through the earth, a bentonite polymer solution follows along with it to create stability. The drill bit also creates a semi-circle underground arc before exiting the ground, after which a reamer goes through to enlarge the hole so it can fit the new piping. Installing that new piping simply requires the crew to fuse together the piping lengths, which are then heated until there is a seamless connection.

Here are just a few of the primary advantages of this process:

  • Durability: Once the pipes are in place, they are extremely strong, and will not degrade as rapidly or be as susceptible to damage as pipes put in through traditional means.
  • Quicker: Because installation happens faster, there will be much less disruption to the landscaping around your property and to your everyday routine. You will not have to deal with crews nearly as long as you otherwise would if you had to use the trenching method.
  • Lower cost: Because you are using a smaller crew and because the process involves much less work, you are able to save a great deal of money in the process.
  • Flexibility: Systems you wish to install can be placed nearly anywhere through this process, as horizontal drilling allows you to reach just about any location on your property.
  • Little contamination to the soil: Because the pipe connections are impenetrable, you do not have to worry about any chemicals or pollutants seeping into the soil around them.

These are just a few of the main reasons why horizontal directional drilling has become the go-to means of creating new utility connections and lines at commercial and residential properties alike. For more information about the services we provide at Es7 Comm-2 U, Inc. and the various benefits of directional drilling, reach out to our team providing horizontal directional drilling in Roseville, CA today. We are happy to answer any questions you have for us, and look forward to working with you.

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